September 9, 2020
Meet Emgage, the pro-Israel Muslims backing Joe Biden
“Emgage has enjoyed a rapid rise. But there has been little attention given to the group’s troubling ties to Israel and its lobby – including trips to Israel paid for by an organization with close ties to the Israeli army.”

September 21, 2020
Progressives Slam Biden’s Foreign Policy Team
“Over 100 Muslim community leaders and activists…charged that Mitha and other “high-ranking” Emgage officials and board members have “worked in lockstep” with AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby, which they said “engages in deep Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian activity.”

September 18, 2020
Behind the scenes of the GOTV sham and foreign policy concessions of Emgage PAC
“As a former Emgage employee, I have witnessed first hand how Emgage becomes a roadblock to progress between the interests of the broader Muslim community and the political establishment. Instead of being a vehicle for empowerment and change, it has become a tool to undermine and suffocate American Muslim political power.”

September 22, 2020
On Emgage and its connection to Zionist groups (American Muslims for Palestine)
“AMP doesn’t condone or tolerate any normalization with Zionist organizations. In fact, it is AMP that had issued publications on the subject, and it is AMP that has always pushed back against creeping normalization within our community… We demand that Emgage, its members, and its family of organizations: 1) openly respond to and rectify all outstanding accusations; 2) renounce all past and current affiliations with Zionist organizations; and 3) take verifiable steps that they are in compliance with the principles stated above… Until these demands of the Palestinian and the Muslim communities’ leadership are met, AMP will continue to impose a prohibition on a collaborative relationship with Emgage.”

October 7, 2020
Zionists and Hindutva trying to control Muslim votes in Texas-22
“The Zionists are working through Emgage, whose leaders’ loyalty to pro-Israeli public officials and think tanks is well-known, and the Hindutva elements are working through money power.
Zionists and Hindutva trying to control Muslim votes in Texas-22”

October 9, 2020
Joe Biden, Emgage and the muzzling of Muslim America
“Emgage’s rise to prominence during the 2020 US election is not a story of a group that advocates for Muslim communities, but rather of one that has served to mute their voices… He told me ‘don’t be upfront about your ‘Muslimness’. But it was the opposite of what we were trying to do. We were trying to show that Muslims were here to stay, to serve. I refused.”

October 9, 2020
US Muslim council drops Emgage over Zionist ties
“Emgage has been dropped from the US Council of Muslim Organizations after it refused requests to end relationships with pro-Israel and anti-Muslim groups.”

October 10, 2020
Tx-22 Congressional Race Gets Messier: Emgage plays a double game
“In Texas-22 Congressional District, Emgage’s leadership has deceived the Muslim community and deployed tactics to endorse a Hindutva inspire and sponsored candidate, Sri Preston Kulkarni. Officially, the Emgage issued a statement saying that it would not support Kulkarni. But its leaders assured him in private that they were behind him, and events prove that they mobilized Muslims and raised funds for him.”

October 16, 2020
Review of Emgage
“At this point, given the lack of transparency in who Emgage serves and what the organization is supposed to do for them, I cannot verify the soundness of the organization’s mission… The problem from my perspective with MJAC was not that it is wrong to engage with (talk to) Zionists… The biggest problem was that this was a transparent effort to divide the Muslim community.”

October 22, 2020
Did Emgage get Palestinian activist blacklisted by Florida Democrats?
“Florida activists say the Democratic Party in the crucial swing state nixed a Muslim voter mobilization event this month because it included Palestinian American speaker Rasha Mubarak… In 2018, Emgage undermined a collective effort in which Mubarak was to play a leadership role to push Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate to take a less hostile stance towards Palestinian rights.”