Open Letter to Muslim Leaders

An open letter to Muslim leaders to drop Emgage due to alliances with anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim organizations

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Leaders at Emgage have repeatedly disregarded the legitimate interests of Muslim communities in the United States to the detriment of the constituencies they claim to represent.

According to recent reporting, many high-ranking members of Emgage, including board members, chairs, founders, and the CEO, as well as the organization itself, have worked in lockstep with AIPAC, the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee (AJC), and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP).

One need not list how AIPAC engages in deep Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian activity.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) was founded by AIPAC leaders and has consistently defended Israeli policies.

The ADL boasts that it “has always been a strong voice for Israel,” denouncing BDS as anti-Semitic and justifying Israeli crimes. Its long history of suppression of movements for social justice and attacking communities of color extends beyond Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian smear campaigns to engaging in deadly exchange programs between American police forces and Israel. These ADL-sponsored programs promote expanded surveillance, racial profiling, and the suppression of public protests through the use of force. Dozens of progressive groups, representing Palestinians, Jews, and African Americans, have urged all peoples to sever ties with the ADL.

MLI is a propaganda-laden trip to Israel sponsored by the Jerusalem-based Shalom Hartman Institute, which works closely with the Israeli military and is funded by the Russell Berrie Foundation, a funder of notorious Islamophobes Steve Emerson and Daniel Pipes.

The AJC brags that it “advocates for Israel at the highest levels.” It also denounces the BDS movement, dedicating an entire section of its website to these efforts.

Notable Emgage Involvement with Zionist Orgtanizations:

As an illustration of Emgage’s harmful political activity, after the Joe Biden campaign issued a public disavowal of Palestinian-Muslim-American DNC National Delegate Linda Sarsour, Wahid and Mitha sought to obtain concessions in the form of more appointments in the Biden campaign and/or transition team in lieu of a public apology. Such an apology was the specific demand of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim American leaders and activists.

Palestinians have been nearly unanimous in their calls urging all people to reject interacting with any of the above groups, as such activity serves to normalize Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people.

Despite a recent statement by Emgage expressing support for BDS and the Palestinian right of return, we have witnessed no accountability or public apology from the organization for the above-cited litany of harmful actions.

Therefore, we call on Emgage to formally end its current normalization activities, coupled with a pledge to refrain from such future activities in accordance with BDS principles.  Additionally, we call on Emgage to issue a statement denouncing Zionism as a racist ideology.

In light of all of the above, we call on all organizations and individuals to drop any affiliations with Emgage in the absence of such assurances and statements.

Accordingly, we further assert that Farooq Mitha, Joe Biden’s “Muslim Engagement Advisor,” does not represent the views or will of our communities.

We urge all people of conscience to no longer tolerate unprincipled leadership threatening our community and undermining the voices of grassroots Muslim and Palestinian activists.

*Organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only
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258 signatures on this open letter to date.

258 Noura Erakat Jadaliyya
257 Samia Assed 2020 DNC National Delegate - NM
256 Amer Zahr New Generation for Palestine, President
255 Khaled Abou El Fadl, PhD UCLA School of Law
254 Susan Abulhawa US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
253 Rabab Abdulhadi, PhD Director and Senior Scholar, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, San Francisco State University
252 Sam Hindi Foster City, CA Councilmember, 2020 DNC National Delegate - CA
251 Iyad Afalqa President, California Democratic Council (CDC, Executive Board Member, California Democratic Party), 2016 DNC National Delegate - CA
250 Leena Al-Arian Coalition for Civil Freedoms, Executive Director
249 Amani Barakat Al-Awda Palestinian Right to Return Coalition
248 Lamis J. Deek Human Rights Attorney, NLG, Al-Awda, NY4Palestine
247 Laila El-Haddad Author
246 Ramzy Baroud Journalist
245 Ghiyath Alazzah Palestinian Youth Movement
244 Carmel Abuzaid Palestinian Youth Movement
243 Murad Sarama Democrats for Justice in Palestine, Chairman
242 Nader Hashemi University of Denver
241 Lara Kiswani Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), Executive Director
240 Jonathan AC Brown Georgetown University
239 Mazen Naser Palestine Solidarity Arizona
238 Sameena Usman 2020 DNC National Delegate - CA
237 Osama Mor Palestinian Youth Movement - Atlanta
236 Nura Bawab The Palestinian Solidarity Committee, Austin, TX
235 Azadeh Shahshahani Project South, National Lawyers Guild
234 Zainab Khan Palestinian Youth Movement - Atlanta
233 El-Hajj Mauri Saalakhan The Aafia Foundation
232 Manzoor Cheema Project South
231 Nazim Uddin 2020 DNC National Delegate - NC
230 Mohammad Fadel University of Toronto Faculty of Law
229 Aftab Siddiqui American Muslim Democratic Caucus, 2020 DNC National Delegate - TX
228 Syed Hasan American Muslim Democratic Caucus, 2020 DNC National Delegate - TX
227 Mustafaa Carroll American Muslim Democratic Caucus
226 Imran Shareef American Muslim Democratic Caucus
225 Imran Salha Imam and Faith Leader
224 Ahmed Bedier United Voices for America, President, 2016 DNC National Delegate - FL
223 Aftab Siddiqui American Muslim Democratic Caucus, 2020 DNC National Delegate - TX
222 Syed Hasan American Muslim Democratic Caucus, 2020 DNC National Delegate - TX
221 Mustafaa Carroll American Muslim Democratic Caucus
220 Imran Shareef American Muslim Democratic Caucus
219 Sarwat Malik-Hassan Progressive Organizer and Activist
218 Ayesha Mughal Central Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, Co-Chair
217 Fatima Mughal Central Jersey Democratic Socialists of America
216 Syed Raheel Hassan Attending Physician
215 Hamzah Raza Journalist
214 Sahar Ghumkhor, PhD University of Melbourne, Academic
213 Aliyah Khan NoVA Democratic Socialists of America, Member
212 Lubna Hammad Yalla Indivisible
211 Cyra Akila Choudhury FIU Law
210 Olivia Cantu Mustino Times, Executive Director
209 Dina Sayed Ahmed Amnesty International and WNYC
208 Sofia Ahsan Muslims4Bernie
207 Farrah Ahsan Muslims4Bernie Volunteer
206 Naushaba Saher Muslims4Bernie Volunteer
205 Muneeza Rizvi UC Davis Department of Anthropology
204 Naeem Raja Coalition of Americans for Political and Social Awareness
203 Mohamad Almasry Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
202 Hannah Rajah Muslims4Bernie Volunteer
201 Mo Nehad Mo Nehad for People
200 Sana Din Muslim Women Kreate
199 Karen Bernal California Democratic Party
198 Thahitun Mariam Progressive Bangladeshi-American Activist and Organizer
197 Naseer Alam IASJ
196 Mohammad Abbasi CAPSA
195 Mo Ray-Zac Muslims4Bernie
194 Moe Bal ME Peace Action
193 Kareem Youssef USPCN
192 Professor Mohd Nazari Ismail University of Malaya
191 Hussein Beydoun Organizer, Activist
190 Tarek Younis Middlesex University
189 Tasnim Sammak PhD Candidate, Monash
188 Yusuf Yenikomsu independent Carfo worker
187 Nerdeen Kiswani Within our Lifetime - United for Palestine
186 Haithem El-Zabri Palestine Online Store
185 Susan Smith Fellowship of Reconciliation, USA
184 Bader Risheg AMP/AlKhalil Charitable Association - Teacher/Activist
183 Hafsa Kanjwal Academic
182 Faran Kharal Muslim American Society
181 Amir Manraj Wiley Rein
180 Bounechada Nourelyakine Physician
179 Mariya Mujahid Student/Bernie 2020 Organizer
178 Eddie Edwards Attorney
177 Rachelle Mehdi University of Michigan (student)
176 Yahya Khan Sultan NLC - NJ, DSA - North Jersey
175 Asma Elhuni Rights and Democracy NH
174 Mujeeb Khan Policy Coordinator- Muslim Voters of America
173 Wafic Faour Vtjp Vermonters for Justice in Palestine
172 Nadia Ahsan Muslims4Bernie2020 - volunteer
171 Talal Khairi Muslims4Bernie Volunteer
170 Lara Kiswani Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), Executive Director
169 Salem Sarsour ISM
168 Mo Nehad Candidate for Constable, Fort Bend County, tX
167 Haroon Rashid Community Member
166 Clara O’Malley Community Member
165 Celine Qussiny Community Member
164 Ayman Khader Community Member
163 Hebh Jamal Community Member
162 Kawthar Abdullah Community Member
161 Rafi Aziz Community Member
160 Wardeh Abdelmuti Community Member
159 Zuhdi Masri Community Member
158 Tareq Salem Community Member
157 Yahya Birt Community Member
156 Shabana Irshad Community Member
155 Sulaiman Hyatt Community Member
154 Asim Khan Community Member
153 Mohammed A. Soussi Community Member
152 Rafi Sohail Community Member
151 Anna Berg Community Member
150 Saba Ali Community Member
149 Nadia Noor Community Member
148 Osama Helmy Community Member
147 Nasser Alkhateeb Community Member
146 Heba Ibrahim Community Member
145 Joe Milburn Community Member
144 Irtiza Hasan Community Member
143 Syed M Ilyas Community Member
142 Syed Ahmed Community Member
141 Michel Bahbah Community Member
140 Mohammad Sarwar Community Member
139 Aslam Abdullah Imam
138 Anisa Noormohamed University of Chicago
137 Amer Kheiry New Generation for Palestine, Member
136 Muzaffar Hussain Community Member
135 Qurat Mir Community Member
134 Mohammad Kapadia Community Member
133 Qaiser Bashir University of Texas
132 Sabiha Wadoo Community Member
131 Ammar Bashiti Senior Finance Director
130 Fahd Ahmed DRUM - Desis Rising Up & Moving, Executive Director
129 Ayman Khafaji Former Vice chair of the Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party
128 Safina Sofi Community Member
127 Fathia Shawish Palestinian
126 Zahoor Shah Community Member
125 Farooque Rizmy Community Member
124 Louis Semaan Community Member
123 Zeeshan Hussein Activist
122 Mohammad Ansari Community Member
121 Fatima Fazili Academic
120 Zahi Abdein Community Member
119 Laila Kassis Community Member
118 Cyrus McGoldrick Community Member
117 Naeela Baksh Manna Community CIC
116 Muadh Khan Community Member
115 Abdullah Abdul Majid Student
114 Aidan Ali HSI
113 Suzanne Nobel McGill University Hispanic Studies
112 Atharunnisa Saifuddin Community Member
111 Aamir Ali Physicist - UC Berkeley
110 Maha Yousef Homemaker
109 Khalida Wani Community Member
108 Sana Qutubuddin Political organizer/activist
107 Ashley Young Community member
106 Akmal Ahmed Dentist
105 Aber Kawas Community Member
104 Yasmeen Azam Community Member
103 yasmeen azam Community Member
102 Iskander Abbasi Community Member
101 Mazhar Syed Paralegal; Human Rights Advocate
100 Imaan Javeed Community Member
99 Sirad Hassan Student
98 Mike Enayah NGP
97 Khair Assaf New Generation for Palestine
96 May Seikaly NGP
95 Majed Ajameyeh Mr
94 Nadia Twam Palestinian
93 Wally Yazbak Sr. IT Consultants, NGP Member & ADC GA Chapter President
92 Nasser Sukhon Md
91 Abeer Fraihat Community Member
90 Manal Hussain NGP
89 Ahmed Shraim Me.
88 Shahid Jamil Concerned Citizen
87 Mohamed Saam Mr.
86 Shahid Jamil Concerned Citizen
85 George Makhlouf V. Rev. Fr.
84 Samer Siam Na
83 Minhaal Randerwala Activist
82 rania bitar Digital Marketing Manager
81 S. Hasan Kamal Concerned Muslim American
80 Amani Zoghbi Academic/Researcher
79 Hafsa Chaudhary Dr.
78 M. J. Khan Former Houston City Councilman
77 Kamal Hasan MD
76 Siraj Mohammed Activist
75 Farhana Motala Personal capacity
74 Hammoudah Hammoudah VA
73 Barakat Saleh Arab Americans of central Ohio
72 Abeer Minhas Community Member
71 Huma Minhas Ms
70 Hadi Ali independent
69 Habib Sayyed IAMC
68 Khalid Omar Solo Artist
67 anan zahr Phil community activist
66 Rabyaah Althaibani Founder Arab Women’s Voice
65 Fatima Mojaddidy Muslim Anti-Racist Action Collective
64 Sofia Saiyed Muslim Anti-Racist Action Collective
63 Nadia Amer Concerned Citizen
62 Mohammad Abou-Ghazala Palestine Youth Movement
61 Shazad Ibnul Concerned Muslim
60 Tarek Alsmoudi Mr
59 Omar Tawil Imam
58 Vivian Khalaf Attorney
57 Ali Rida Entrepreneur
56 Barbora Weberova -
55 Mohamad Okal Mr
54 Ameer Fare Community Member
53 Talha Maqsood Community member
52 Sulayman Ferguson Concerned Muslim
51 Syed Raheemullah Community activist
50 Senan shaq USPC board member
49 Nida Ali Dr
48 Muhammed Malik Fmr CAIR-South Florida Executive Director, Fmr Florida delegate to GP International Committee
47 Olivia Vita -
46 Omer Arain Labor researcher and activist
45 Jamal El-Mokadem Community Member
44 Sultan AbouHamdan Community Member
43 Danya Reda Muslims4Bernie
42 Bassem Saleh NGP
41 Paul Noursi Virginia Coalition for Human Rights
40 Eman Abdelaziz PACC
39 Bahtiyar Yilmaz Physician
38 Tareq Omar Community member
37 Fawzia Khan Ms
36 Rulla M Attorney
35 Nisreen Zeidan Community Member
34 Azhar Raina Mr
33 Sabina Wildman Labor Organizer
32 Samer Husein concerned American
31 Frida Isachsen Community Member
30 Urooj Rahman Community Member
29 Mohammad alam Community Member
28 Shariq Mohammad Community Member
27 Maryum Khwaja Community member
26 Mariam El-Khatib Community Member
25 Yafa Samaha Community Member
24 Malak Samaha community member
23 Nathaniel Mathews concerned citizen
22 Sarwat Husain Co-Chair American Muslim Democratic Caucus-National (AMDC National)
21 May Zegar Dr
20 Amna Mallick PD
19 Farhana Kara Motala Human Rights Activist
18 Farrah Sutriono Muslim Women Kreate
17 Saba Refai community member
16 Reza Subhani None
15 Amna Ahmed Community member
14 Sara Bawany Community member
13 Imani Oakley Community Member
12 Osman Athar Physician
11 John Hsu Our Revolution Middlesex County NJ Chair
10 Sama Alshaibi Professor, School of Art, University of Arizona
9 Mazen Khawaja New School for Social Research
8 Shahla Wahid Ms
7 Dr. Sabha Abour Researcher
6 Fatin Jarara Al-Awda NY/Palestinian Youth Movement NY
5 Monadel Herzallah USPCN
4 Hatem Natsheh 2020 DNC delegate
3 Anwaar Huk Community Organizer
2 Noor Kesbeh Community Member
1 Atif Khan Pakistan Tehreek Insaf USA

Call to Muslim Leaders to Drop Emgage

258 signatures